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Evolution of your claim

If you haven’t already downloaded our accident app, the following is some of the key information you will want to record:

  • 1. Obtain witness information.
  • 2. Take as many pictures at the scene as possible.
  • 3. Exchange information with the other driver.
  • 4. Make a diagram of the accident scene noting the location of your car and other vehicles involved in the collision.
  • 5. Call DNC lawyers for your free consultation before talking to ICBC.


  • 1. Your family doctor plays a vital role in your case.
  • 2. Your doctor is the one to track your recovery, recommends treatment, and may refer you to other specialists or health care providers.


  • 1. Schedule an appointment with DNC Lawyers for your free consultation as soon as possible
  • 2. Once retained we will deal with ICBC on your behalf and ICBC will no longer contact you directly.
  • 3. We will ensure that all applications and documents are filed within the applicable timelines.
  • 4. We will fight to ensure that you will receive all benefits that you are entitled to receive.


  • 1. Not all claims require commencing a lawsuit.
  • 2. In most cases, you have 2 years from the date of the accident to start a lawsuit if you are unable to settle your claim within that time.
  • 3. If a claim cannot be resolved within the time limits, or ICBC’s offer to settle is unreasonable, DNC lawyers will commence a lawsuit on your behalf.


  • 1. We will retain highly skilled experts ready to fight for you and your claim.
  • 2. We have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to combat ICBC’s experts.
  • 3. Some of the experts we may hire include experts on your injuries, lost wages, future medical care or how the accident happened.


  • 1. The process for settling your claim prior to trial may involve steps such as direct negotiation, mediation or settlement conferences.
  • 2. We will guide and prepare you throughout these processes.
  • 3. Most cases are settled without the need for a trial.


  • 1. At trial we will get the chance to tell a judge or a jury about your injuries and how they have affected you.
  • 2. Your story will also be told through witnesses which we will help select and prepare.
  • 3. Experts will present evidence in support of every aspect of your claim.